* Last updated on January 30, 2023

[Updated] Quarantine-Free Travel to Korea for All Travelers
Currently there are no PCR test or quarantine requirements for people entering Korea including unvaccinated people. However, you may be subject to a 7-day quarantine or restriction of movement if you are tested positive/diagnosed COVID during your stay in Korea, as accordance with the Korean health rules.
※ For those who are flying into Korea from China, please check the Korean Embassy in China website for Covid requirements.
Checklist for foreigners entering Korea:
Register for Q-Code:
  • ALL travelers regardless of age are required to register for Q-Code prior to departure. A QR code will be issued to the traveler’s email after registration.
    Q-Code link:

  • If you have questions on Q-Code or assistance with any technical difficulties, please contact Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) at +82-2-2633-1339.
    In case of a traveler is symptomatic and tested Covid positive,

    • The status of quarantine (hospitalization/self-quarantine) will be determined based on the patient’s health status
      • Hospital (severe and high-risk confirmed patients), home/temporary quarantine facility (Asymptomatic)
      • Patients with mild symptoms will be hospitalized depending on the severity of the symptoms.
    • In the case of hospitalization for Covid-19 patients
      • Treatment costs will be partially/fully covered for travelers from the countries that have an agreement with Republic of Korea to mutually support medical expenses.
    • Asymptomatic patients
      • Continue self-quarantine at hotel/accommodation for 7 days.
        (Room and food costs to be covered by own expenses)
**Rules and regulations are updated on a regular basis depending on the COVID-19 situation. Check this page and the following official Korea COVID information websites for regular updates

※Currently, Korea lifted mask mandate both indoor and outdoor. However, masks are still required on public transportation such as the subway, buses, taxis and planes, as well as in medical facilities including hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

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