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COVID-19 regulations announcement_20221011

2022-10-14 13:53

* Last updated on October 11, 2022

[Updated] Quarantine-Free Travel to Korea for All Travelers


No COVID-19 testing required for pre-departure (since 03 September 2022) and on-arrival (from 01 October 2022). All travelers are still required to register for Q-code on Q-code website prior to entry into Korea.

Register for Q-Code:

  • ALL travelers regardless of age are required to register for Q-Code prior to departure. A QR code will be issued to the traveler’s email after registration.
    Q-Code link: https://cov19ent.kdca.go.kr/cpassportal/biz/beffatstmnt/main.do?lang=en
  • If you have questions on Q-Code or assistance with any technical difficulties, please contact Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) at +82-2-2633-1339.
    In case of a traveler is symptomatic and tested Covid positive,
    • The status of quarantine (hospitalization/self-quarantine) will be determined based on the patient’s health status
      • Hospital (severe and high-risk confirmed patients), home/temporary quarantine facility (Asymptomatic)
      • Patients with mild symptoms will be hospitalized depending on the severity of the symptoms.
    • In the case of hospitalization for Covid-19 patients
      • Treatment costs will be partially/fully covered for travelers from the countries that have an agreement with Republic of Korea to mutually support medical expenses.
    • Asymptomatic patients
      • Continue self-quarantine at hotel/accommodation for 7 days.
        (Room and food costs to be covered by own expenses)


**Rules and regulations are updated on a regular basis depending on the COVID-19 situation. Check this page and the following official Korea COVID information websites for regular updates

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